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Welcome! It's time to clear out the frustration of all the confusing garden advice out there. Long-time national gardening expert Joe Lamp'l is your guide to teach you how to grow your own food and have a healthy, thriving landscape. He's a pro at showing you the ropes - with easy-to-understand information, demonstration videos and expert resources. When it comes to gardening, there are always questions, and Joe will be here to answer yours in the course forums. Let's get started!

Organic Vegetable Gardening

Enrollment Opens Again in Spring 2025

Organic Vegetable Gardening is everything I’ve ever wanted to teach about growing your own food, exactly the way I’ve always wanted to teach it. The course is designed to be a comprehensive guide to starting, growing, nurturing, and harvesting your favorite vegetables: no matter what you love to eat, no matter where you live, no matter your level of gardening experience.
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